Projects & Commissions

As well as making the clothing available in our shop we also get involved in a varity of other work that often includes indivdual or unsual orders.


Whether it is a project for bulk order for a museum, historical attraction or even television production, or a request for a single piece comissioned that requires some extra attention we do our best to ensure we meet all possible requirements.


Our projects and commissions below are an example of the work we do both for specific orders as well as our own research and project development.


For further details, or if you would like to know if we can help you with your own needs feel free to contact us - 

Game of Thrones World Launch 2015

We were delighted to be contracted to supply two sets of tunics for the Game of Thrones World Launch held on March 18th 2015 at the Tower of London.


This was a commission on a very tight deadline and possibly our biggest challenge to date!


A small team of incredibly dedicated ladies worked very hard and we produced no fewer than 70 outfits in just 6 days!


Sadly, due to the very tight time constraints we were unable to get many pictures of ourselves hard at work due to being, well, very hard at work.  The picture to the left is one of the samples that we made for this project.

GoT Tunic 04

The March to Waterloo 2015

18th June 2015 marked the 200 year anniversary of the Battle fo Waterloo and even a year in advance it was widely expected that this was going to be the largest event of its kind in Europe.


Just as many others, Artorus Emporium joined the long march to Waterloo by making up kit and costume ordered many months in advance.


With the aid of some highly regarded members from various regiments from the Napoleonic Association, we engaged in some research and pattern development firstly for basic clothing such as the Drop-Front trousers (Below) and then developed patterns for some of the more distintive, regiment specific pieces (Coat Direction).  Further details on how the coat was made are available if you click here.



Drop-Front Medly 01

Much of this period clothing is, once feedback is recived and development is complete, now available in the shop regularly.  Some pieces like the coats are still made to order because of the regiment-specific nature of them.

Drop Fronts - Grey Wool - 06 Coat 04.1