Sleeved Roman Tunic - Oatmeal


For those seeking something more civilian we have a great Roman Tunic that is an excellent weight to wear whilst remaining beautifully comfortable.
This style is sleeved and is a versatile tunic that will cover a wide range either as a stand-alone piece of clothing for 'Slave' or Lower Status roles or, as part of a wider wardrobe, this will form an excellent base for other civilian portrayals.

These tunics are made from cotton although to the casual eye they do have the visual appearance of linen allowing them to pass the famed 'Ten yard Test' with ease.  The sleeves and neckline have been hand finished to avoid any unsightly stitching on show in these areas.

Full length of all sizes is approximately 47" allowing them to fit people taller than 6' with ease still allowing room to hitch the tunic around a belted waist with no problem.

If you are looking to order a number of these and find there are not enough available please feel welcome to contact us and they can be made on request.  
Also available in childrens sizes on request for education or museum projects.

Currently available here in two sizes:

Small/Medium - Will fit up to a size 42" chest  (Complete width of tunic is 48")

Large/XL -  Will fit up to a size 50" chest  (Complete width of tunic is 56")